Blog 1- Remediation

The Remediation process

The most difficult thing in Arabic is the grammar rules ;النحوُ It is the most stressful part to any student learning Arabic. It is vast a, varied and complicated. It is stressed as it is important but in the digital realm it is n longer visible or considered. During the last class, we had an opportunity to “remediate” several texts in different languages.

The remediation process is allowing the computer to read the scanned text and provide us a digital version. However in the reading process for the arabic language it kept finding difficulties in recognising the letters that vary in forms and has spaces or are not connected. Arabic can be published in various types of handwriting and these formats of handwriting are not recognisable since it has no memory of it.

The errors in the process of remediation or digitisation of arabic text makes it clear that the recognition process relies on memory.  For the process of digitisation to happen, there must be an existing dictionary. The arabic letters in a different font will not be recognised if there is no memory of it.

This process makes me wonder how Arabic as a digital format exists. Apparently the formats are either typed out by a person or as a pdf or image file. There has not been a large activity of digitising arabic text, thus the dictionary and the memory the reader has is extremely small in comparison with other languages.

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