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Transcribing texts that would have a local impact and is created by a crowd input. The project that I think would be able to generate an initiative in terms of locally in NYUAD and the region of the UAE would be transcribing poetry of the Gulf region. Poetry are marker of events in terms of the national and personal. The collection could be an important part in interpreting the narratives within the region. It will give everyone access to the collections poetry for either educational or entertainment purposes. I imagine the audience that will be the crowd –source would vary between people who are academically interested in the poetry or fans and relations of the poet. Since poetry is performed it could also be a project that begins with text and branches out to audio and video. The videos could also create another collection of different performer of the same poems allowing for analyzation in terms of Dialect and Language.

Another project I am interested in but may not be academic is collecting Emirati novels that have been circulated in forums. Through a friend I discovered there is a large audience for these novels and my assumption that some of them have been turned into books. However, it is not certain if they were published because they were plagiarized or non-plagiarized. These collections were circulated between the years of 2004-2012. To me this collection is an important reflection of time for this region. And if possible as a side project I wish to collect them.

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