Blog Post : Node Goat

Node goat appears to create networks based on the fact that connection has already been pre-identified. Unlike previous programs we worked with, where the connection is the result. In our previous projects, the data is inserted with the intention that the program will identify the correlations. However in node goat, or creating networks, the correlations should already be in mind.

To create a network,categories should be predetermined and it can create issues when the data does not fit within the category. The date may have to be discarded if it is not relevant to the network which highlights how selected the network is.
For the project, Egyptian films, the main importance is the film and the people that participate in the creation of the film. Through this network we identify the director and the actors that have worked on several films. For the project, it has been decided that the main actors and the director were important for the networks.
However it proved to be difficult to identify the different works as separate entities. The social visualization became messy as people and films start to mix up. There are situations where different actors and directors have social relations such as marriage and other familial relations but the network recognizes the film as entities like persons. For the project, the film has become a social being and created confusion.
Moreover there were issues about the missing visualization of time. People and films that have not correlation do not explicitly signify that there is a time difference for this reason or another. Through this project, there is a realization that it is crucial to identify what type of information that will be visualized.

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