GIS day (Late Post)

The post is late but it is about the session that took place on GIS day.

In the session we were learning how to overlap existing maps onto a satellite maps. The map used for the first session was Soviet maps of the UAE  that was dated to be created around the 70s.

The program used is called Georef. Georef has the ability to create layers. The initial layer should be an optional template that indicates the present or the area that the old map will be compared to.

In our session we found that the current shape of Dubai/Sharjah is different to it’s previous shape with larger lakes and spaces with water to be covering land.

Another observation is how the map has been oriented to show most of the sea i comparison with the land. This indicates that the author of the map is mostly interested in the sea rather than the land. In the session we also had an opportunity to find an old map stored in the archive. The map is part of a brochure that indicates the location of its branch. I immediately recognised that the map dates pre-union when Abu Dhabi was a sole state. The indication is in the flag. The flag was the Abu Dhabi’s state flag pre-union and so the map shows a rough sketch of the city before the formation of the United Arab Emirates.

The map did not have any clear defining features such as roads except for  small section of Abu Dhabi.  There were no icons but for the main destination which is the bank.  The rest of what maybe identifiable spaces were listed as numbers and defined at the side.

The map shows who the audience for the map is when it is situated to be direct from the airport to the bank. Moreover the language is only in English. The map offers direction to other spaces that might be of importance instead of identifiers. The hospital, race course and the grand mosque seem a diverse set of spaces that would interest a visitor or tourist. This concludes that the theory that the brochure has been distributed in the airport to be a valid one.


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